L20152.5LALITAMBA was inspired by a pilgrimage through India. In early 2004, we traveled from village to village, seeking to alleviate the suffering that comes from poverty, illness, and plain loss of hope. The name “Lalitamba” means Divine Mother. In India, she is looked to as the supporter of the universe.

LALITAMBA is a journal of international writings for liberation. From page to page, you’ll find writings of saints, wanderers, prison inmates, and award-winning authors. These are the mystics of our time. They challenge us to live and to love without hesitation. Find out more at

LALITAMBA 2015 features Joe Baumann, Chrystal Berche, Doug Bolling, Abigail Carl-Klassen, Frank Cavano, Noel Conneely, Scott David, Norita Dittenberger-Jax, Jamie Donohoe, Patricia Farewell, Michael Fessler, Clifford Paul Fetters, Michael Findlay, Nate Fisher, Brian Allen Forrest, Stuart Friebert, Patricia George, Fran Isaacs Gilmore, Gene Goldfarb, David L. Gourdine, John Grey, Kathleen Gunton, T. A. Hunley, Monika John, Jacqueline Jules, Katrina Kent, K. Prasad Kumariya, Simm Landres, Charlene Langfur, Lyn Lifshin, Benjamin Nash, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Barry W. North, Judith Tate O’Brien, Kenneth O’Keefe, Charlotte F. Otten, Raul Palma, Airica Parker, Margreta von Pein, Susan Azar Porterfield, Christopher Presfield, Vanessa Raney, Dian Duchin Reed, C. R. Resetarits, Ryan Rickrode, M.J. Roberts, Paul B. Roth, Stephanie Renee dos Santos, Matt Schumacher, Purvi Shah, Mark Dennis Smith, Sarah Spivack, Bonnie Stanard, Diane Vreuls, Keir Weimer, Katherine West, Kelley Jean White, Barbara Wuest, and Gabriele Zuokaite.

LALITAMBA is published by CHINTAMANI BOOKS. Through the LIBRARY OUTREACH, copies of the journal are donated to hospitals, prisons, and shelters throughout the United States. 100% of magazine proceeds fund continued publication and donated copies. Our staff is all-volunteer. Your kind contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you!