Mahakailasa Ashram embraces all traditions and no tradition. We respect each religion as an expression of the one truth that lives in the heart of all beings, a truth that is both immanent and transcendent.

Though truth is one, paths are many. We integrate study, contemplation, devotion, and service. The balance of such activities depends upon an individual’s temperament. As we develop our innate skills and talents, so we realize our limitless potential to become one with all.

Even as we are a contemplative community, compassion inspires action. The ashram balances silence, study, and introspection with humanitarian activity. Thousands have been served in hospitals, prisons, and shelters through programs that awaken innate spirituality–love for one another. Through our participation at the United Nations, hearts around the world are touched by the spirit of compassionate service.

Here in New York City, Mahakailasa Ashram partners with Lalitamba Saranam (fondly known as Frederick’s Place), an emergency relief shelter for New York City’s homeless, and the Bell Animal Shelter. To find out more, click here.

The ashram, charity projects, and publications are under the guidance of Mataji Sri Lalitambika Devi.