Mahakailasa Ashram

Lalitamba Mandiram



MAHAKAILASA ASHRAM (LALITAMBA MANDIRAM) is a sanctuary that offers daily prayer and meditation for peace. Pilgrims of any tradition are welcome. We respect each religion as an expression of the one truth that lives in the heart of all beings, a truth that is immanent and transcendent.

The temple is a space of silence. Teachings are offered mainly in writing, through publications of the Sanskrit scriptures and meditation books.

Even as we are a contemplative community, compassion inspires action. Outreach programs have served thousands in hospitals, prisons, and shelters throughout the United States. Through participation at the United Nations, hearts around the world are touched by efforts at poverty relief.

In New York City, MAHAKAILASA ASHRAM partners with LALITAMBA SARANAM, a home for New York City’s vulnerable women, and the BELL ANIMAL SHELTER, a sanctuary for abandoned or abused animals.


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